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Medical procedures at Balneo Minerva


Your health is the most important. And when it comes to keeping it, any method is worth trying.
Certainly, you already know that the healing properties of springs can cure countless diseases,
and in this sense we recommend sulfur baths because they can do true miracles with your health.

The specific of our Medical Center Balneo Minerva is represented by the sulfur water,
well known for her properties since the Romans period of time, which  heals

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Inflammatory Rheumatis – infectious secundary rheumathism,polyarthitris, spondylitis

Degenerative Rheumatism – osteoarthritis disease of lower limbs and sacroiliac complex , hands arthrosis , and scapular humeral complex.

Spine degenerative disesescervical spondylosis and cervical discopathy syndrome, dorsal discopathies and spondylosis ,lumbar discopathies and spondylosis diseses.

Inflammatory and degenerative abaticulare rheumatism diseses

Post Traumatic conditions – ariculation and immobilization post traumatic conditions,hip surgery ,shoulder and hip arthrosis, peripheral nerves post-traumatic lesion, tendon lesions, circulatory & trophic disorder after fractures, vertebral post-traumatic sequelae, vertebral pain, limited mobility ,vertebral insufficiency ,muscular and imbalance deficit.

Nervous System diseses

Peripheral neurological conditions paralysis and paresis of the lower and upper limbs, polyneuritis , polyradiculoneuropathy, cauda equine syndrome , poliomyelitis sequelae .

Central neurological conditions asthenic neurosis cured, in prevention purpose.

Children and teenagers – head tilted forward, shoved away, shoulder blades away from ribcage, back rounded,basin bent forward, prominent abdomen .

Associated Disseases

Besides the major indications, in many cases the patients suffer simultaneously from associated diseases, who can benefit from treatment in Herculane.

Convalescence after acute and chronic illness

Diseases of the respiratory system chronic traheobronsite, chronic sinusitis, chronic allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis.

Occupational diseases pneumoconiosis, sequelae after intoxication, mercury, lead, arsenic, manganese.

Skin diseases



Through diadinamic currents, interferential currents, Tens, currents of Trabert, galvanic currents.
Effects of Electrotherapy:

  • Pain relief;
  • Stimulate circulation and increase trophicity;
  • Nerve stimulation, for example by training the innervation and treating paralysis;
  • Muscle stimulation for development / muscle maintenance;
  • Muscle relaxation.


It helps to balance the entire body functions by using magnets of different sizes and types, thus having variable power that can be applied to the whole body or just from selected areas, as needed. Magnetotherapy specialists assert that this alternative treatment would have a number of benefits for the body, including:

  • Removing headaches, menstrual disorders, joints;
  • Elimination of insomnia, stress, fatigue;
  • Scarring of scars and other unsightly signs;
  • Improvement of blood circulation, digestive function, kidneys;
  • Optimal healing of fractures, ulcerations;
  • Treatment of sprains, contusions and other traumas.


Short-wave therapy is a high-frequency therapy. Applying short wave therapy determines the heating of tissues by using electric and magnetic fields. Short waves are applied using the capacitor field method or inductor field method.

  • Treatment of chronic inflammation
  • Pain Relief
  • Reduction of spasms and muscle relaxation


MLS (Multiwave Locked System) Medical Laser
MLS therapy is a new therapy used to treat pain, inflammation, swelling and repair of superficial injuries. It is the most advanced laser technology currently available, non-invasive and painless. It has been developed to overcome the limits of traditional laser laser therapy based on the use of laser diodes.


Ultrasound – performs a sort of micromassage of cells and tissues, which is accompanied by heat and provides an anesthetic effect, “softening adhesions”, improving blood circulation and tissues. The physiological effects of ultrasound are Hiperremiante Miorelaxant Analgesics.


The benefits of ozone therapy are becoming more and more widely recognized by doctors around the world. The power of this therapy increases the chance for life. It’s a medical treatment technique by physicians trained in this field for athletes where ozone treatment ensures better oxygenation of tissues, including muscles, resulting in increased exercise resistance, better sports performance, and for the elderly or adult, not necessarily sick, ozone therapy leads to better oxygenation of the tissues, stimulation of the immune system and increased resistance to infection.


It is used both for beauty and in treatments such as those for reducing rheumatic pain and as therapy in arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.


Baths with these plants alleviate pain and improve joint mobility for both rheumatoid arthritis and joint injuries. At the same time, herbal remedies do not show the side effects of classical medicines.


It combines the action of warm water with that of galvanic current, using four cells (cuvettes for lower and upper limbs). By producing local hyperemia, activating metabolism and stimulating tissue trophicity, therapy has anti-inflammatory, antialgic, vasculotrophic and peripheral circulation activation effects.


The carbon dioxide bath is a method used in the prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Among the therapeutic indications: HTA std I-II (hypertension, stages I-II), sequelae recuperation after acute myocardial infarction, ischemic cardiopathy, operated valvulopathies, arterial and venous peripheral circulatory disorders (eg post-bleeding sequelae, Raynaud’s disease, venous insufficiency etc.).


TAerosol therapy is a revolutionary way of treating many conditions, including obstructive airway diseases. This form of treatment involves the introduction of drugs into the lower respiratory tract by means of aerosols, in order to obtain a topical or systemic effect.


Physical therapy is part of physical medicine and studies the neuromuscular and articular mechanisms that provide human normal motor activities. It is based on well-structured medical recovery programs aimed at restoring some diminished functions.

The main objectives of the kinetotherapeutic treatment are as follows:

  • Relaxation;
  • Correcting posture and body alignment;
  • Increased joint mobility;
  • Increase in muscle strength;
  • Increased muscle strength;
  • Increased coordination, control and balance;
  • Correction of respiratory deficit;
  • Effortless training;
  • Reeducation of sensitivity


Thousands of years ago, reflexology has amazing health benefits, not only in terms of healing, but also in the prevention of certain diseases. Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment tool, a reflexology application based on the energy connection of certain dots and areas on the ears, hands and feet of each organ and parts of the body.